Nowadays, people are not able to be happy with what they have or what they are because they are more worried about the praise and attention of others. Interesting is we want to be happy to show others how happy we are… we don’t want to be happy for ourselves.

It is a bitter truth of our society that we are more focused on others than ourselves, all our so called definitions of success, happiness, greatness etc. are defined by how much we are praised by others.

Our whole self-image depends on how others treat us. So easily we fake smile if someone watching us. We dress, not to be comfortable or confident with our body but to look beautiful in other’s eyes. Our vacations have become a way to increase followers on Instagram/FB rather than enjoying time with our self, family or nature.

It’s like beggar ‘A’ seeking beggar ‘B’ advice and then deciding if he can be happy.

My Father used to say: ‘Ek bhikhari dusre bhikhari ko sahukar nahi bana sakta’. (A beggar cannot make other beggar rich)

Also, we should understand that we all are different and everyone has different ways that touch their souls and make them happy… for example I always enjoyed watching cartoon network but my sister always enjoyed playing with dolls. That does not mean I cannot be happy while watching those funny cartoons because my sister doesn’t like that and vice-versa.

As they say; there should not be a ‘because’ after happiness. If we keep on searching for reasons to be happy, that very search will not allow us to be happy. And when that reason is others, we can’t taste even single moment of true happiness.

Be something for yourself to enjoy yourself, not to show off yourself. You are not a showroom!

Spend some time with yourself, have some solitude time to know more of you and understand what makes you truly happy. Not just comfortable but real joy and satisfaction. Most of us are actually running for comforts thinking that it is the same as happiness. It’s not like we don’t understand the difference between both, we just need to take a pause from this running and try to see what we truly seek.

A flower blooms not for others, but because it is a flower. Be like a flower… be happy…

We would love to hear how you feel happy or any topic you want us to explore, do share in the comments below.

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